Paseo Puerta de Tierra

San Juan

The Paseo Puerta de Tierra, featuring a 5.8 km long promenade, expansion of green areas and consolidation of bus routes, safely connects two important tourist destinations in Puerto Rico.


The project achieved a major transformation along the Atlantic oceanfront strip of the Islet of San Juan joining San Juan and Condado. The former is the historic section of the walled city of San Juan, whose Spanish fortification system was declared a World Heritage site in 1983. The latter is a densely-populated and vibrant oceanfront district. The project’s area has great historical significance with Pre-Colombian archaeological sites, important government buildings and cultural institutions, buildings of historical and architectural interest as well as remains of the spanish colonial fortifications. Indeed, the very name of the neighborhood refers to Puerta de Tierra ("land gate"), now demolished, which was the only connection from the fortified city to the rest of the Islet.