Miramar Residence

San Juan

The design of Casa Miramar, or Casa Felices, was intended to solve the problem of locating a rather large residence on a small lot. By opening the principal spaces to the side yards, the small lot was used maximally. At the end of a street, perpendicular to a thoroughfare, the elements of the residence are ranged along a principal axis. The front of the house turns inward to shield itself from the noise of the street and the neighboring school.


The site slopes away from the street, and the structure is laid out as two main volumes distributed on three levels. The volume nearest the street contains the living room, the garage, a service room, the master bedroom and a study on the upper level. The second volume contains the kitchen, dining room, family room, and children’s bedrooms (on the second floor). The transparency of the lower spaces makes for visual continuity with the yards. Connecting the two volumes is a passageway that is full of light, with a translucent vaulted ceiling over the staircase and bridges that lead from one area to another. There are half-vaulted ceilings over the main living areas—the living room and family room—visually connecting the bedroom level with the level below.