Paseo Puerta de Tierra

San Juan

The project consists of infrastructure and environmental improvements to create an orderly subsequent development of the area known as “Puerta de Tierra” in the islet of San Juan, which leads to the historical walled city of Old San Juan, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Paseo Puerta de Tierra project’s basic objective is to provide a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists for their physical exercise and recreational activities, but the main goal envelops a much more important purpose: bringing vitality to a neglected but very significant part of the city of San Juan and thus spawn similar initiatives in all neighboring areas.  Its terrain still holds traces of historical ruins and its northern strip possesses one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean of the whole island of Puerto Rico because of the height of its natural limit. Puerta de Tierra is also linear in shape, which makes it an ideal configuration for a sequence-based entryway to Old San Juan in which different points of interest can be discovered along the route.  Several design strategies have been taken into account to obtain new benefits for the local islet population, as well as for the rest of the capital city of San Juan and the country.