Doral Financial

San Juan

This office building was conceived of as a highly efficient space. It is crowned with a curved roof arching along the long axis of the structure, allowing for a clean visual line, free of the accidental forms of the mechanical equipment that is typically placed on roofs. The roof and the way the elements of the façade are articulated contribute to the building’s distinctive, vibrant aspect.


The ground floor meets a series of pragmatic needs, such as a drive-through bank, a branch office, entrances and exits from the parking garage, service areas, and a passenger drop-off area.

The University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón (UPRB, the former Bayamón Technological University College) was established in the 1970s. It lacked defined outdoor leisure spaces for students and faculty. A master plan produced in 1986 proposed that the campus be organized as a quadrangle surrounded by new buildings. The design of the library was conceived as a key element in that scheme. The reception and exhibition areas, located between the library and the audiovisual department, form the eastern entrance to the planned quadrangle. The lower, quadrant-shaped floor of the library faces on an area of dense vegetation and a creek. A passageway between the library and the audiovisual department serves as an exhibition area. The placement of the library entrance and access control desk allows for supervision of both of the levels where reading rooms and collections are located.