DirecTV Headquarters

San Juan

The project, located in the Scotiabank Building in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, occupies 4 levels and a total of 43,594 sf of office space for DIRECTV Puerto Rico, Ltd., a leader in digital television, that began operations in Puerto Rico in 1999, offering digital entertainment experience. Each of the levels varies in program, size and occupancy needs, providing the opportunity to create diversity in the layouts and in the overall spatial experience:


•  The 8th level includes the Sales and Marketing Department and the Program, Events & Field Operations Department


•  The 9th level includes the Call Center and Customer Care & Customer Experience Departments


•  The 12th level includes a Conference Center, Training Rooms, Employee’s Lounge and the Legal and Human Resources Departments


•  The 15th level includes Information Technology, Ad Sales, Finance and Accounting Departments, and the General Manager’s Office.